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  How to increase watch time?

Posted by Potentissimus Vir
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Potentissimus Vir BOOST    11-09-2020, 05:46 PM
I have methods that can help you increase watch time. This is not my niche, but I am a challenge channel and saying these things in under a minute is a challenge.
1.)make more content
that is, make more than one video a week so more videos are bringing in view and watch time
2.)make better content
if people like your content they'll watch more of the video and check out more of your videos
3.)make longer videos
that way there is more content to increase watch time
4.)make shorter video
so audience retention is higher and youtube promotes it getting it to more viewers
5.)do livestreams
because if 100 people watch a 1 hour livestream, then you get 100 watch hours
6.)post videos on social media
more people watching your content equals more watch time

also, has anyone noticed that watch time is different from public watch time, because all my videos are public and I have 70 watch hours but I have only 14 public watch hours?