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  How is everyone doing !! New ways to better our channels??

Posted by One H
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RoxieRoseGaming BOOST    05-22-2020, 04:00 PM
@NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST That's really strange. I agree FB is pretty bad for growth, I had better luck running my own FB group for my channel and just inviting my friends to that, but it never grew outside of my friend circle. Honestly, Reddit has been my most successful promotion platform, and I'm not even sure how that works out.
I've noticed Youtube has been messing up the number of views on my channel; if I check my analytics page some videos have no views, but if I click on the videos themselves they have over 10 views, it's weird. I do hope YT fixes it soon.

One H    05-23-2020, 12:23 AM (Edited)
@RoxieRoseGaming BOOST Sounds like a plan I'm going to have to look into sprizzy

@Itz Gacha Potato! Sounds good my friend to the top

Viral Animal Tales    05-23-2020, 12:26 PM
Please check out my Channel & Subscribe. Look forward for Collaboration. Thanks !

One H    05-23-2020, 12:33 PM
@Viral Animal Tales Cool let us know if you need anything