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  Hello Sharree! You're not a scam are you?

by bowlieandboo - 01-11-2019
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bowlieandboo BOOST  
01-11-2019, 05:49 PM
We just joined Sharree today and have been watching content and reading threads here for a few hours now. We really like the combination of content options all in one spot! Vlogs- blogs- articles- photos- streams- music- YAY! We did find a few threads and videos stating this is a scam (paying) because it is not posting on other platforms and views to your content are limited within the sharree community. So, our question is for those who have paid the premiums to boost their content... Is it worth it or did you feel it was a waste of money?

So far, we really enjoy the set up and have found many new creators to sub to. Hoping it is a nice extension of youtube where we can improve our channel by gaining insight and advice from fellow creators. 

Thank you, ahead of time, for letting us know your sharree experience!

Bowlie and Boo