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  Give Me Advice

by Awaken All - 03-15-2019
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Awaken All BOOST  
03-15-2019, 04:03 PM
Great name for a thread! Here is my advice to GIVE.

We should always in every situation try to GIVE. I strongly believe this is how you make it in business whether its social media or the old fashioned brick and mortar. Be of service to others, enjoy the process. Expect nothing in return, and you will be rewarded. Maybe not straight away but eventually. I used to live by doing things for people for the aim to get something in return. It wasn't fun at all, because sometimes I would get something, sometimes I would get nothing, usually I would get less than expected.

Now I live by a want to genuinely help others, not expecting to recieve anything back. But I always get one thing. Gratitude, kind energy, happiness and overall positivity in both the people I help and myself. Now when I am rewarded it is unexpected and GREATLY appreciated. It's like a switch of happiness flicking on. Totally lifechanging!

So I'm a newbie Youtuber and every 1 extra subscriber I get, I know that is a person! Somewhere in this world I am helping. Currently I am helping 52 people + the unsubscribed viewers. It's an amazing feeling!

So no matter what business or niche you are doing and whichever social media you use, I believe you should try to be of help and service to your viewers/customers, without any selfish motive.

What are your thoughts?


MrBoxandBoogy BOOST  
03-18-2019, 05:26 AM (Edited)
Great points you've raised in this discussion.. we also subbed because we enjoy your channel content
Your Pals,