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  Does a website help?

by GIMME FACTS - 08-01-2020
are discussing this
08-01-2020, 12:47 AM
Anybody with any experience as to whether a dedicated web page for your channel help with getting views/ traffic?

08-01-2020, 02:37 AM
yes it is possible nothing is impossible

08-01-2020, 10:32 AM
I have made a Facebook page and it does help. Apart from my normal FB friends, there are many others attached to the page, and I do share videos there.
Yes, it helps a certain extent.

The Icon BOOST  
08-01-2020, 01:59 PM
honestly i wouldn't waste time unless you have the time to waste.
I know personally i make 1 video a fortnight and i struggle to get that video uploaded on time.
a website MAY help you. but at the same time don't forget you will have to update that sh*t along side your youtube channel.
it takes a lot of work and if you damage your video quality or f*ck up your schedule for some website then whats the point?
in my opinion a website is for when you have popularity.
your already on facebook and twitter what else do you really need?

08-01-2020, 11:11 PM
I use a Facebook page not just my personal fb and I also use certain groups on Facebook

08-02-2020, 06:39 AM
i think so i just use this for fun hehe

Spasmodic Edits  
08-02-2020, 11:32 AM
@GIMME FACTS If you are trying to sell/promote something then yes a business website makes sense. Otherwise you have to make sure you are providing something extra on your website if you went that route blogs, more info on your videos or something. Hope this helps Smile

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