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Bump Share Not Working!

by Ddad Animations - 12-02-2018
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Ddad Animations BOOST  
12-02-2018, 12:17 AM
When I use the bump share feature nothing gets pushed to the top anymore, it worked previously also I can only push my first posted share forward when it was working. How do I get the system to allow me to choose which share gets pushed?

Wally ADMIN  
12-02-2018, 03:32 PM (Edited)
Are you receiving a Success message like so when bumping your share?
[Image: ad02edeaa10251ed4ef7d7c29ac6a9a8.png]

Or are you receiving an error message like the one below?
[Image: ee7aaa727dd5be3af07e98e0867f08df.png]

Edit: I've looked at your share history and your videos seem to be getting bumped correctly, I don't see any issue. Perhaps you're misunderstanding something? The homepage consists of Pinned shares first, if you're bumping a non-pinned share you will see it at the top of the Recents section (