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  Are you Actively Using TAGS to Optimize your YT Videos?

by g2g Investments - 03-17-2019
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g2g Investments BOOST  
03-17-2019, 02:14 PM
Greed2Generosity Investments is here!

Hello Sharree Family, I am g2g_Risen

I find myself standing on the side of Generosity today, and as a result I want to share some ideas I am using to create as many edges in my strategy as possible. I will talk about what I am doing specifically, how this strategy can be applied to any content creator, and welcome any feedback or strategies that I may not have considered. If you resonate with anything you hear on this topic, please be generous and get involved in the comments. We are all here to grow, but more important than growth is connecting and supporting like-minded people in our community. There is so much ambition in a community like this, I dont want you guys to forget how important it is to be engaged and give back.

Alright, lets start. I am going to assume you know how to use YT Studio to add Tags to your videos. There are a handful of strategies out there about one word, or multiple word tags, and how to use them. There are many concise videos out there that will flush all of this out.

I want to at least make you aware that this is something you should invest time into learning about. Understanding how Youtube uses tags to rank videos, and bring your content to viewers, is a foundation for your success.

Beyond all of that, I have developed a good habit of watching my Analytics, and adjusting my tags after a few days. I am constantly analyzing my videos, and making tweaks to my tags.

The best way that I tweak my tags, is by going to Youtube AND Google Search bars, and typing my tag, and seeing what other words are suggested at the top of the list. I will use these search suggestions, to create my multi-word Tags! This is a huge advantage over trying to create your own.

There is some strategy in creating your own tag...

All of my videos have a common "unique tag" that Youtube can use to suggest my other videos that share a common unique tag, to viewers on my current video. For example, all of my videos have the tag #g2g Investments, so that my videos are connected to each other by a tag that only I will use. so when Youtube is looking for content to recommend my viewer, it will consider common "unique tags" in my current video, and ither videos out there. I hope it reccommends my other videos, bc they share a tag that only I use.

Well did you know that the biggest content creators in your genre, may use each others unique tag to connect their videos to each others content? I have seen it done in my Youtube community, and so I have tried this out myself. This is how it works:

From an internet browser, go to Youtube.
Search Youtube using a multi-word tag, on a video that you are trying this strategy with.
From the results, take note of the top rankings. If you see a big name in your community, click on their video.

Now that you are on their video, go to the internet browser menu and look for "Page > View Page Source"

It should open a new tab to a bunch of HTML Code. This is the source-code of that video. Ise "Ctrl+F" or "Find on Page" to search the code. You are going to search "keywords" and it should bring you to the Keywords or "Tags" of the video you are interested in.

Now you can see the tags that this big-name content creator used to strategize their video, and maybe you can find a unique tag that they use to connect their content to their other videos.

What I have found is that big-names in the community will use each others unique tags.

So what have I done with this knowledgeI tried this recently:

A big-name in my community released a new video. The topic is, of course, in line with my content. I checked their tags, noticed they were using another big-name's unique tag. So I temporarily updated all of my videos with that same unique tag. I hope that my content gets more visibility with this method, and I plan to change the tag back, or switch it to something else in the future, for example if another big-name puts out a new video with a different unique tag!

Alright, well I hope all of this makes sense to you guys, and you have learned something from me today.

If something I said inspires you to strategize more, or maybe you have some interesting personal strategy that you use in your content, please get involved and share those insights here!

This Sharree community is full of like-minded people, coming from so many different sectors within Youtube. For example, my community is the Pokemon Trading Card Market, so we can all learn from each other!

Thank you for your time and patience,

- g2g_Risen
Greed2Generosity Investments

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03-21-2019, 01:49 PM
What was the conclusion of using other peoples names in your tags, have you seen an upswing in views on those videos? I tried that once or twice but didnt really feel comfortable with it and youtube doesnt really like that so I erred on the side of caution and dont do it. What I do do is use multiple tags and a unique tag identifier (when I remember).

This is youtubes rule on the use or misuse of false tagging, however I dont know of any examples of this happening and many people do it on their videos.
"All metadata should be representative of the content contained in your video. Among other things, metadata added in an attempt to game search algorithms will lead to the removal of your video and a strike against your account."

g2g Investments BOOST  
03-21-2019, 02:23 PM
@bongo I was not aware, bc I learned about it by fuguring out that big-name content creators were doing it. I will remove the tag, learning this new information. I will also keep my eye out to see if they do this often. I only had a couple samples from recent videos.
Youtuber invests $600 in PSA, gets back $5,300 Value of 60 Graded Pokemon Cards!
Greed2Generosity Investments on Youtube:


04-05-2019, 07:59 PM
Hashtags works in numbers. If you have them, good. If not, then don't worry about it at all. The whole goal is to find your audience. The best way to do that is to through forums of like-minded individuals. Make friends. Teach. Learn. Grow


05-05-2019, 01:02 PM
Tags are not property of anyone, we can use other’s tags if we are in same niche. You won’t see a progress overnight but you will [email protected]bongo


05-06-2019, 08:27 PM
@GamingTuber or you might fall foul of youtubes terms of service, doesnt seem likely but you do you how you want it

06-18-2019, 07:53 PM
YEs sir. I use rapid tags and tubebuddy


06-22-2019, 04:44 AM
Yess, i use key words for tags