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MultiDragon129 is a Member on Sharree who registered 10-12-2016. MultiDragon129 is currently Offline , and last visited 5 hours ago. MultiDragon129 has spent a total time of 14 Hours, 31 Minutes, 38 Seconds online.

MultiDragon129 says... Hey everybody, it's MultiDragon129! some things about me is that I like to play video games, especially Mario's basically the highlight of my channel. One of my favorite games is Smash 4, I love playing this game (In case you were wondering, I main Kirby, Pikachu, Marth, and Game & Watch, but mostly Kirby) =P

I also like to draw a lot. I've been drawing pretty much all stick figures for years and i've also animated them and i'm pretty impressed with my work. I'm scared that putting my own characters on the internet will encourage others' to steal my work but I tug back and forth on this problem.

I've developed my channel over the course of 4-5 years and I still only get acouple views on my videos. I've had different experiences with my gaming series in the past although taking a year break probably just reset me back to having acouple views. I've started off watching ProtonJonSa, (Which was my very first inspiration to start making videos) to Milesluigi, to SSoHPKC, TheCreatureHub, Nova, Dashie, Cowchop, and all these other youtubers...I'm just proud to hopefully one day be a part it =P
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