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Christmas Haul
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I love watching videos like these so I loved watching it.
best videos and good efforts
Very nice video. I love everything what you got.
the grey hat is so cute ?
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You have pretty amazing friends! I just like that periwinkle bralette
Hi Lexi, love that beautiful attitude you have, didn't know about Vaseline, i'll have to try that. so many cool things but i gotta say i love that mac pro with the sticker looks good, anyway wanted to show my respect for this amazing video that i enjoyed so much, big and well deserved like from me, have a nice day Lexi.
ur so lucky to have this wonderful gift, i just got a jumper that says my name on it lol

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12-28-2016, 03:09 AM
I love watching these so I thought other people would too! I hope you enjoy my Christmas Haul!