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What Are Your Dream Jobs?

YouTuber or architect! Wby?
@Stick Playz haha sometimes dealing with fucktards at school is a full time job ?
My dream job would be becoming a successful entrepreneur opening my own company, though it seems like an unlikely position, that's my goal, building my empire. If not, I would probably work in a marketing and/or technology related field. Still in my first year of university though! (Doing BBA)

EDIT: some of my most inspirational people are Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins, you should check them out, extremely motivating and 24/7 hustle. BTW I also want to get in shape, I previously practiced Shaolin Kung Fu, but I left it three years ago, and that's something I want to recover. (Going off topic LOL)
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artist! i love drawing so much and i would really think thatd be my dream job!
@Shadowinfo wow, kung fun ! Nice Big Grin Hey, go back to it. I know how hard it can be to workout after a pause, but it's sooooo worth it ! Big Grin

@thetruepineapple Oh jeez, it's a hard one though ! Wouldn't you get to hate drawing if it becomes a '' must do '' to gain a living ?