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6 Types Of Texters !!
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God I hate those who don't text back!! Tongue
Wow nice video explaining them....Having a few friends who fall into the the dry ones!
if they dont text me back ill just block the number for 2 days >Big Grin
I like your style of videos, keep doing them.
its true brother its kill pasents
The candle dab?? nice video dude??
this video is like, WAYY too accurate lol
I'm definitely like all of these kinds lol... I have a problem
Yo man all these are true lol keep up the good work!!!
Man slow repliers are bad. They know you know you've seen the message so y don;t they reply?
I love all the cutaways to the dog with sound. Had me laughting!

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01-06-2017, 12:13 AM
Hi guys, new youtuber here . Would love some feed back thank you