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Top 5 Gaming laptops of 2016
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Nice video want to buiy a laptop soon
Very cool video love the editing!
@ReconTV If u r going to buy a gaming laptop then any one of the abve
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nice channel
@SOFEAR thnks very much brother, will you subscribe me on youtube?
I really want either the ACER Predator or the ASUS ROG G752 Gaming Laptop
@xxprogamersam thnks bro:-) subsribe me for future videos

@NextGenProducts Where do u live brother ca use the links i provided are for undian consumers if u will tell i will provide you the link
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Yes dude no problem I will subscribe!
Thnks to you all guys for watching my video subscribe me on youtube

@SOFEAR thnks very much
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Like I said no problem dude you made the great content you deserve the subscribe!
how much does your pc cost i want one
@Luck hey brother the 1st laptop price is 2000$ and the alienware and razer cost more than it if u live in india i will orovide you the link to those one of them
Great info!
@BIGtheRED thnks very much brother will u subscribe me on youtube for upcoming videos?

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05-08-2016, 01:29 PM
Hey hi guys I am omkar a tech guy and also found of games as the name of games come first thing we get in our mind is
Gaming laptop/desktop so here is the video for TOP 5 gaming laptops in the global….And I got those 5 in my list I will give to like below if u live in India so if you are interested you can buy any of them. And place the like on this video and share so I will the video on top gaming desktops…:-)

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▼List of top 5 gaming laptops
1.ACER Predator 17:-0:05
2.MSI GT72S Dominator Pro g:-1:30
3.Lenovo y 700:-7:34
4.Hp omen:-8:40
5. ASUS ROG G752 Gaming Laptop:-9:57
6,Alien ware 17
(sorry guys I forgot to place the video for alienware 17 I will try to cover it)

▼Best buy links (india)

MSI GT72S Dominator Pro g:- http://amzn.to/1T3ZVXa

Lenovo y 700:- http://amzn.to/1T404Kc

Alienware 17(2016):- http://fkrt.it/2koCfNNNNN

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Google +:-Omkar’s tech tips

Hey guya this is the video on top 5 gaming laptops hope you like it and ket me know un vomments section what do you think about it...