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Fortunately on here people cannot, not allowed to, do this sort of thing. It has been rampant on youtube since youtube started and I dont see it going away. Even though I wish it would
I do understand that asking for subs is bad.. I agree with that.

(they deleted my message for only mentioning the word...)

But sometimes you're difficult to understand because it sounds like mumbling.
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Dude people do
sub4subs is NOT allowed. Add your channel to your account by editing your profile. Users can then click "View Channel" to see your channel and subscribe ONLY if they want to. Re-read the rules!

on my channel a lot and it's really annoying. Personally hate it with a passion
Agree with what you are saying dude, sit us is usually bad. If you happen to like someones content and watch them, and they watch you back because they also like your content then that is great. But literally doing it just for a number is not going to help either channel. I think everyone is obsessed with getting as many numbers as they can, and seem to do anything they can to get them.
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