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OMG We Almost Died From The Heat! | FUNNIEST Hot Pepper Challenge EVER
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2:12 - JESUS CHRIST IS IT THAT BAD LIKE OMG... Well there's one thing I might need to add to the bucket list haha.

P.S - For the intro part (where you say "this is my intro") or something like that, IMO I think you should remove it and get straight into the video tbh but that's just my opinion so you don't have to! Big Grin
Main reason why is because it doesn't look visually professional and such, since the top right corner is a picture of you but there's a white background, you can try make it transparent so it looks more visually pleasing Smile Anyways you only have 3 subscribers? So you're actually doing great!!! Keep working hard! Big Grin
lool, i died. I would never dare to eat such hot thing!
Thanks so much and I'll definitely look into the intro thing, I was trying to have like a gaming intro but I will definitely try to improve on that! THANK YOU VERRY VERRY MUCH again lol.

OMG DUDE it wasssss soooooooooo hot I was like what the whatttttt! I'm solo happy you enjoyed it!(: <3
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LOL that was great keep it up
YAYYYYY I am soooo happy you licked it ChannelMickey!!<3
I never wanna try this! Good video
Hit pepper challenge is one of the best..people be geeking over it
Very Good Video Keep it upSmile!
Well you just did something I never would think of doing! Awesome video I would probably react the same to food that hot. :p
damn that's a spicy challenge to do. dammmm
ha this is hilarious and I truly like your channel keep up the awesome work!!

i don't know how you guys are doing this right now i would die!
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Broooo it was lit lolol LITERALLY Never again!!Big GrinDDD
lol great challenge video! I dont think I could ever do it lol
Really?? IM SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED YOU ENJOYED MY VIDEO, You are awesome malikandmia and honestly we did die a little lolol

Lolol don't do it was the worst pain!! hahaha
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Hey HOMIES! All I want to do is entertain my supporters and subscribers to make y'all laugh! I'd appreciate if y'all would let me know how I did! Feel free to share this video if you enjoyed and share a laugh with someone else! THANKS SO MUCH<3