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Pin the video suggestion

Alright so i've noticed there is ability to pin your video for more attention, the minimum is 7 days which requires around four dollars, i was thinking...would it be not nice to also offer 1 day/24 hours pin, that would cost 1$..

It sounds fair enough, and i am sure that a lot of people would use such a thing, one dollar is not all that much, and you get 24 hour pin for a dollar, which is also fair? So what do you guys think? I mean not everyone here is either in POSITION or are they willing to give/pay that much money. So why not give a cheaper and another fair option in same time?
I'd imagine it would flood the pin section but I'll talk with the staff team, we'll give it some thought and we'll decide.
@Wally ADMIN Any news concerning this ?
I like and dislike this idea because there is already so many pinned videos it takes a little while to get to the videos you searched for. xD