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I have played and enjoyed Runescape in 2007, back when it was awesome. But sadly I lost it cause all my friends stopped playing or got ahead of me and I didn't last long on missions. But this time Im planing on a legit collab into the game. Combining multi-screens, and working together as a team completing raids, missions, podcast, ect. This is in the making and will be the first official PC launch for WEPLAYFORTHEM I know exciting right? Well we are looking for gamers to join Below are details on it 

This isn't confirmed but we will inform everyone that is in on the project. Maximum is 4 players for the team, though if you have friends or anyone on here wants to help out with items, gold, or ideas for the project, please comment below. 

Here is requirements:
Must be 17+ 
Must have a brand new account - With training mode complete, but thats it.
Must have a good mic
Must have a good recording software - We provide if needed

For now we will only complete the free quest in the game, unless there is alot of request for the paid subscription and people want to help out with memberships to us. or is everyone is okay with going with it. Again we will update everyone as the project plays through. Let us know if you like to join. We hope to get this going.

1 space filled, 2 more players, this first come first serve!!
I love oldey games like that to i mean even older do you?
@Justin Daily I prefer these games cause of the graphics and the styles. were you interested in this collab?
yes i am intristing in collabing when do you want to and do you have skype
@Justin Daily thanks for your interest in our collab, we are looking for one final player. the reason for this is for one free quest requires 2 people to do it. If you have a friend with channel that needs help in growing we can help.

Wht is the name you want used and what color screen box for the overlay?

@Everyone 1 more player needed!!! First come first serve!!!
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@WePlayForThem uhm i didnt get your skype on youtube can you friend me in braschjb123123 on skype
@Justin Daily our skype is nick.a.mikoleski use this in the greeting WP4TSharree Runescape collab
@Justin Daily added you on skype
Man I would be down but my old school runescape account is lost somewhere in the Internets and I can't make another... Sadness. Anyways hope you guys have fun