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JAJAJAJAJA!! This video was pretty dang funny dude! Total fail but a great video!
People would say that the paper would catch on fire, but I have proof to show them they're wrong. Big Grin
Oh my god this stupid trend -.-
This trend is dead but the video is funny Smile
I think the stove only goes to like 300 but I get the idea. Did you microwave that knife? The editing effects were pretty good.
Your energy is nuts dude! Maybe you should do more trends this way.
Noice video mate I see your hopping on this trend lol but it was still funny nonetheless!
Great video and your thumbnail got me dying XD
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This challenge is so crazy nice video and who created the challenge/
Am sorry but that's a very stupid way to heat the knife up and dangerous, also I guess am hoping its was a we skit video to be funny lol nice video tho dude
1000 degree knife wow it is really well make more videos
wow this is really cool I really enjoyed watching this video keep it up with the good work
IMO this is the stupidest viral thing ever, but good video man!
When he said he was gone do it w the stove i started dying lol.. Funny vid though

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01-04-2017, 05:24 PM
disclaimer i am not hopping on any trend in any sort of fashion

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