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Yo man nice video I liket it
try it with more things next time
Nice way of getting the knife hot in the beginning??
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yoooo thats insane!! Awesome video i love your editing Smile
JAJAJAJAJA!! This video was pretty dang funny dude! Total fail but a great video! - See more at: http://sharree.com/thread-84189.html#sth...CMWsS.dpuf
I feel like this trend has gotten old but whatever
nice videonbro keep up the good work
This video was pretty damn funny dude! but it's awesome you tried it
Great content! Funny video.
Funny video I like your content
Haha thanks pretty crazy dude
I totally want to do that challenge but, one my mom won't let me, two I don't have those fire tanks heaters things.
This trend is gone but the video is funny
Hey how's it going I'm make comedy skit videos like you maybe we can chat
Nice video man
but TBH this 1k degree glowing knife is the dumbest trend of 2016/2017
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01-04-2017, 05:24 PM
disclaimer i am not hopping on any trend in any sort of fashion

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