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jajajaja hilarious too funnny my man lool
lol that was funny great vid!
good tip and funny boy heheheh knife good
Best 1000 degree knife video yet! LOLOL
I guess good video? I mean not original but cool.
Don't burn urself bro it hurtzzzz zzzooo baaaaaaad
good job with your video, keep it going
Cool video I really enjoyed it
nice video man keep it up
whaha wasnt expecting that. funny
Man this was an outstanding video keep it up!
I tried this before it's so cool
Great video keep up the good work Smile
awesome that 1000 degree knife is so awesome!
I think that it is not smart to put metal things in microwaves i heard that they can explode!!!

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01-04-2017, 05:24 PM
disclaimer i am not hopping on any trend in any sort of fashion

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