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Hahaha yoooo living to the trend
We all know what will happen to the paper lol great video. Smile
haha this was funny i also made a video like this
Uwhshe hwhhwh wg wgwgwg wv wvvw
this was really cool, and it made me laugh so hard. Keep making vids like this!
This video is funny :-) keep up the good work
God im almost in tears lmao sub from me
hopping on the trend train aye? Big Grin
I'm so sick of this trend but at least you made satire from it.
you sir, are the funniest man alive xDDDDD
I would recommend heating it up a bit more next time
I think this video was funny, but I felt it was click-bait kind of you didn't actually cut it with 1000 degree knife but it was still a good video
very creative and funny! love it! keep it up man!
lmao nice video ! you got me good
Hey cool video keep up the good work

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01-04-2017, 05:24 PM
disclaimer i am not hopping on any trend in any sort of fashion

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