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How did the 1000 degree knife become a big trend? Btw funny video bro!
Everyone is doing the same thing: "GLOWING 1000 DEGREE KNIFE VS ~ ~ ~ "! Why, guys? WHY??
NICE VIDEO MAN! i want to do this video but i dont wanna show my face
Hey great video I like it
Awesome video man keep it up!
Very funny video man haha liked it man
great video, I really enjoyed it hope to see you channel grow soon
Nice video. When making videos like these try to put AS MUCH tags as you can possibly think of. Example:
Satisfying, compilation, comedy, parody, skit, EXPERIMENT, 1000 degree knife, knife meme, mr.gear(a youtuber who got famous for doing the 1000 degree knife thing)
Why are the tags really worth your time? People can find your videos through the google search or youtube search.
Nice job making fun of the trend.
video is cool, but try something else
Dont just do these videos everyone does them
lol thats was a good plan I laft a like on this video
OMG this is a huge trend i love it!

THIs worked so well lol i cant
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thanks all for opinions much preciated thank
Awesome Video but donot use bad language tho
I love those 1000 degree knives there so cool

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01-04-2017, 05:24 PM
disclaimer i am not hopping on any trend in any sort of fashion

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