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Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill - JUSTIN SUN COVER (Violin/Vocal)
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Great! I really like the composition and the mixture of the different notes. It just works so great together. Then your voice is just great too! Keep up the good work.
This is real good man Smile The chorus gets me going, Got a nice beat
Woa mad talent dude. Wish I could play that many instruments...and sing...and be a valuable member of society ;-;
wow this is so cool nice video
Welldone.! Amazing that you played all the instruments by yourself. What Digital Audio Workstation do you use for your recordings.? I use Logic on Mac.
yo man you did a really good job with this
Bravo Maestro! Looking foreword to hearing some of your original songs. Not too many people out there who can play the violin.
Nice Your Really Good Keep Up The Good Work
Great voice man ,you are really gifted .
that was pretty good I liked the use of multiple instruments
@Sonuz Music Thanks for the support! Smile

@AJ Duffy Thanks so much Smile appreciate the comment!

@sodacanman LOl thanks for your kind words Smile and you are a very valuable member!!
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very nice cover bro it was perfect
@JoeTravels Thank you! I use Studio One 3 Smile, I hear logic is pretty great!

@Hybrid Artist Appreciate the support Smile

@shaun2001 Thanks for listening and for your kind words!
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This is extremely well done! Awesome job man.

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01-09-2017, 01:12 AM
Hey All! Hope you guys like my take on one of Ed Sheeran's new songs. Song's been stuck in my head for the last 48 hours so decided to cover it. Open to any and all feedback so thank you for watching and hope you have a great day Smile.