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7 Years - Lukas Graham (AJ Duffy Piano Cover)
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@Wally ADMIN Thank you pal, and thank you for replying Smile
You have such a good voice Cool

Do you take requests?

You could always personalize the room instead of it being just plain.

Multiple Camera shots changing.

Don't play the piano at the same time, or atleast look up usually, cause it gets weird. / also don't look into the camera its awkward kind of?

Confused memes
Wow man, you are such an incredible singer, love your work
@Peachy Thank you and I do take requests Smile Thank you for the advice I shall take them into consideration.

@Robdog Thanks means a lot Big Grin
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Haven't watched this one yet but I bet it's as good as the first one
@DJRank Cheers pal Big Grin Thanks for the support
Just absolutely amazing. This is onenif my favortie so i get offended when people sing terrible but you my friend have my respect
@Grizzly Awesome Stuff thats what I like to hear I am glad I did it justice Smile Thank you
wow, you are a pretty god singer, keep it going
@StephTheGamer Cheers I am glad you like it Smile
Nice voice maybe trying switching camera angle
@AH7 plays Thank you and Yer I am looking into that just abit limited with equipment Smile
@AJ Duffy NP great content

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01-11-2017, 02:16 PM
7 Years - Lukas Graham (AJ Duffy Piano Cover)

This is my version of 7 years by Lukas Graham. ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!! I hope you all enjoy the video, Let me know what you think.

If you like what you hear hit that Subscribe Button!! ( I do apologise for the Camera jolting )

Thank you peace out Tongue