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Thanks for the info I've always wanted to do this. I appreciate this so much bro.
nice video man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good vid my dude. funny and entertaining to watch.
good video man really enjoyed
Great video dude! Extremely helpful tutorial Big Grin
Nice tutorial. Really helpful.
Yo man nice video I liket it
great video, the information you gave in this video helped so much thanks.
OMG thank you so much ive been woundering this for years
Great video keep up the good work
this i
s so helpfulXDXD i am definitly gonna use this
Nice Man Ive been wanting to know how to do that, i have a huge Spotify collection...
this was a very helpful and useful video
Dang this'll really help me out
Nice video. I didn't know about it ;-)

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01-10-2017, 03:49 AM
Hey guys!In this video i teach you guys How To Add A Music Spectrum To Your Twitch Or Youtube Live Streams! In This video Youll also learn How To add Your Spotify Playlist To Obs With This Spectrum/ The name Of The Software We Will Be Using In This Tutorial Is Foobar2000 ,this spectrum is Useful For When You take A Break From Streaming You Can Turn It On, Hopefully You Guys Do Find This Video On How To Add A Spectrum To Your Live Streams Helpful If You Do Make Sure To Drop A Like Lets See If We Can Hit 30 Likes On This One! Thanks For Watching!