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Thanks Dude This Was Really Helpful
Great video keep up the great content
Nice dude! Thank U For helo
Thanks for this, i was looking how to do this for my stream
awesome video buddy i didn't know how to do this thanks!
cool this is a really interesting video keep it up
What are you using to edit? I am having trouble finding a good editor. Maybe you could help me?
Nice video it look really nice in stream when people have the sound bars like that

Nice video it really helped me for streaming
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nice video man keep it up
Spotify or Apple music? which do you prefer
Another helpful video, thank you!
very interesting post my friend! keep that shit up!
Thanks for the tips I'm going to start livestreaming soon and this will def help me!!
Yo this is a hype video man! I stream very often and adding music to my streams will make it so much better thanks for the help!

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01-10-2017, 03:49 AM
Hey guys!In this video i teach you guys How To Add A Music Spectrum To Your Twitch Or Youtube Live Streams! In This video Youll also learn How To add Your Spotify Playlist To Obs With This Spectrum/ The name Of The Software We Will Be Using In This Tutorial Is Foobar2000 ,this spectrum is Useful For When You take A Break From Streaming You Can Turn It On, Hopefully You Guys Do Find This Video On How To Add A Spectrum To Your Live Streams Helpful If You Do Make Sure To Drop A Like Lets See If We Can Hit 30 Likes On This One! Thanks For Watching!