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Hello I am Guy, and I make cartoons.

That's pretty much it ha. Anyone else here like cartoons? I've only met two animators on here.
Welcome to Sharree, @Guyanermanator! It's really awesome to see people join our community with all their different backgrounds and interests. I sincerely hope you plan on sharing some of your creations with us! See ya around the site!
Well thank ya mr.staff. And yeah it's great to see a platform like this that feels genuine and not just some scam. Really hoping to meet some more artists on here ha.
@Guyanermanator I'm here for the best interest of the site and the protection of our user-base (as well as the other staff members). If you feel you have any issues, questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to message myself or any other staff member.
Well then, hello there and welcome to Sharree!