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I Still Feel Bad! (Destiny PvP)
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lol i wouldn't, btw what scout rifle is that you using at 0:35?
(01-09-2017, 08:12 PM)TsumikiChaos Wrote: lol i wouldn't, btw what scout rifle is that you using at 0:35?

The weapon i was using was the MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic a really fun gun definitely recommend it.
Your youtube intro doesnt fit screen. You can fix it by rendering it in a 16:9 ratio. But good content
Awesome video dude. Definitely worth watching
dont feel bad, you were just on point and they were slackin thats all there is to it, ^^ thumbs up
@AngelWolf Gaming my intro has black bars on purpose. It's called a Letterbox. Nowadays most people, especially YouTubers, use it to be more 'cinematic', but it's all about framing.
Great video bro, you not that bad Wink Keep it up.
Why u feel bad cheer up ma maaan
really good video keep up the good work ya
Nice Job! Would watch again!
Really cool video m8. Definitely deserve more subs ?
really catchy thumbnail! ahah
i havent really played destiny a long time
I have never really played destiny I only played the demo and it seems a lot like halo but yeah anyway great video Big Grin

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01-09-2017, 04:19 PM
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