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Gun Game & another FAKE FaZe!
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I'd recommend to use more than one style of transitioning as it gets rather stale fairly quickly and doesn't look too great. Also try to sound more exciting, it will entice the audience even more and get them more excited about whats happening. A lot of the time you sounded fairly bland. You get a few bugs and static bits when you get a bit louder in your mic. I'd look into whats causing that and see if you could fix it in post.
Loving The Video Mate But Yet Again Another Fake Faze This Just Keeps Happening Doesnt It Lol
@LethargicCoffee Thank you for bringing some of these faults to my attention, while I don't 100% agree with everything said, I still appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback and understand what you mean. Your comments have been noted and I will adapt my future videos in order to improve and clear out any faults.
really catchy thumbnail you got there
@Obito UkNown thanks mate
FAKE FaZe OMG Hate it man...
Nice video, I really enjoyed it! Keep it up!
this was a very good video man clear volcals and hd content keep up the good work Smile
@AaronKF Trust me mate, run into so many of them too, not just on CoD but people are making videos of them "apparently" joining FaZe

@AlienT89 Thanks mate, I want to make my videos more like this in the future!

@Honest Rants Thanks mate, means a lot the equipment is expensive! All worth it though if your doing something you enjoy!
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J tags are annoying lol xd
yo I hate fake faze member's
Very good video , and a very good commentator , the only thing i would suggest is maybe editing your videos more maybe ? But keep up the good work man Smile
i miss that game alot i used to very good but i suck now lol
Always hate the fake faze nice vid cod is the best

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01-10-2017, 11:47 PM
After finally getting into a game from joining it sessions to maps like Bloc that I will never play solo we got Gun Game! Another person choosing to change their gamertag to FaZe something it's becoming a trend! Thanks for watching and all feedback is welcome!