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hey that was a awesome and funny video bro!
@random spider Thanks a lot dude glad you enjoyed it! Smile
You sir are very brave for playing this game. Its not so scary at first, but once it gets in the middle then all hell breaks loose. Sam and Mike seem like the most normal out of the group. The rest seem kind of goofy. The monsters in this game scare the hell out of me. They remind me of tall versions of Golem from Lord of the Rings.
I thought Until Dawn was a great concept I gotta admit though the wendigo thing made me cringe a bit, but it fit the story perfect-fully
@cooldude007 I'm not that brave I screamed at every scare lol Sam and Mike were my favourite 2, especially Mike he became a badass. Never noticed the wendigos looked like Golem haha

@SecretSword Why'd it make you cringe? lol
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This game always looks so awesome. I need to give it a try
@PickleFlips You definitely should man Smile
Love me some Until Dawn, and a montage of some best moments? Yes, please. Nice video, I really liked it, so keep up the awesome work!
@AreYouGaming Thanks very much man!! Smile
Haha you're reactions were great! All the best with your channel dude Smile
@ItsNardi Glad you enjoyed thanks man! Smile
Nice montage, also a great game and video so keep up the great work you put into your videos and you will make it big in no time Big Grin
@BlitzGaming Thanks very much man!! Smile
You scare me like that I like that though good video
This seems like a pretty freely game

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01-05-2017, 07:44 PM
I had so much fun doing a lets play of Until Dawn so I made a montage of the best moments of the series!

I hope you guys and girls enjoy! Smile