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i also bought this, great game and the butterfly effect makes it easily re-playable
@TheTenaciousGamer Totally man, the amount of different options and the effect it has over the game is insane!
@DigitalDylanToddNI oh yeah for sure could recommend this game to anyone i know and in actual fact i recommended it to my uncle and he borrowed my copy.
cool editing until dawn is a good game
I Have not played this game yet, is it any good? Btw awesome montage dude!
@Bro Gamer Thanks dude. I know man its an awesome game!

@Next Music Very good game would definitely recommend it! Thanks! Smile
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great montage bro hope that you make more moments like this
@Black Crimson Thanks man! I've a few different montages on my channel Smile
Its difficult to see your face. You should get a small light to get some lighting in.
@snowxvi I have a light I just forget to use it most of the time tbh haha
This is really good. Since your a bigger Youtuber then I am, do u think u could go check if my videos are okay sometime?
XD I love the reactions! freaking made me laugh non stop. Good job on the video, keep up the good work Smile
This game is very scary,I plan to play it.
@WahidTV Thanks! Sure no problem man Smile

@LittleCubz Thanks dude it means a lot! Smile

@S1 GM you should it's really good man
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01-05-2017, 07:44 PM
I had so much fun doing a lets play of Until Dawn so I made a montage of the best moments of the series!

I hope you guys and girls enjoy! Smile