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To the Moon! - GTA V Online: Deadline Ep.4
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Awesome video! Keep it up!
amazing vid love the thumbnail keep up the good work
the freaking Tron bike? wtf...
@AlienT89 @betyoumoney12 Thanks! Big Grin
Siiiiick good video bro amzing
Cool video I really enjoyed it
Dude that's awesome, love deadline and play it as often as i can get my friends to play me
hahhahahahahaha this was very funnny keep it up. check out my gta videos.
really good video i really enjoyed it keep up the good work
Good video man. I really enjoyed it
Nice intro did you do that yourself if so how so what program looks awesome very funny video nice work
Loved the use of banjo kazooie music in the background, with the fact you mostly cut out dead footage and had high quality audio and video made for a great video. My one suggestion is to up your own microphone volume a bit, you are the "main character" of sorts so you should be a bit louder and more pronounced.
Those tron bikes look mad fun
aha funny video we should play sometime

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01-10-2017, 02:31 PM
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