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Dark Souls 3 #18 | EYGON & INVADERS! (눈_눈)
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Dark souls my friend plays it looks like a sick game) nice commentary) keep it up) good luck)
Do you feel like pinning your video's really helps you? Just wondering
Great video keep up the amazing work
@Ohlookanothergamer Honestly, I do see a difference in views it is obvious and it does give you alot more publicity because your paying for it but at the same time it does take 5 dollars for one video to be on there for a week soo it is money :/

some people have credit cards and some people don't but don't go crazy XD

@GamingWithAlien Yea, this game is sick....honestly, I learned about it from my friend Steven cause he would play it litterally all the time, I'm no where near as good as him at this though XD
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@MultiDragon129 Haha I see, I cant judge I havent played at all, but you will get there definitely)
Nice job keep it up great vid
Damn.. Dark souls looks like a really awesome game.. I hope i can play it someday. Nice video too!
@FrostPlayz2 Well, if you have a ps4/xboxone, or a pc, all you need after that is like 40 dollars =P and thanks
Haha! I like to play Darksouls as well. I love that kind of game. Good joice. It was fun to watch you.
Awesome video! Keep up the good work!
Awsome! Im lookin forward to playing dark souls 3 myself!
Ahh Dark Souls 3. This was the first DS game I played, and I LOVED it! Great video man, great commentary.
one of the hardest games out
@Dublin Odinson Thank you =P The raging makes it all worth it in the end XD

@TaekwondoRoadTrip I couldn't finish this without a friend so i'm glad the let's play isn't progressing too too slowly XD
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01-11-2017, 06:01 PM
Hey Guys! I'm back with some Dark Souls III W/ my Co-op companion RICDRAGONZR4U, new session so new hype episodes comin out, these ones are pretty good in my opinion XD but this episode we're going to the other side of Undead Settlement (not talkin about the west side XD) We also run into an invader of course so check that out if you feel like it =p