Commentary channel review

Link to what you want reviewed:

Is there something specific you want us to focus on: Generally the videos, if they are engaging enough to keep you watching or not, if they are interesting by looking at the thumbnail, if the videos themselves are entertaining to watch and so on.

What do you hope to get out of this review: I hope to get proper detailed criticism for my channel in general and feedback from which I can improve from on my channel to make it better.

Anything else: Not to be rude, but I would rather someone review my channel who has had a decent amount of experience and following on Youtube and maybe producing roughly the same content (commentaries) so I can get a good understanding of what to improve on.
Hello my name is IdioticUlt1mara and I am a Mentor of Sharree. I will be conducting an in-depth review of your content as well as offering improvements. Please send me 3 bucks by clicking the "Send Bucks" button under my post and I will deliver a review within 1 to 2 days.
@IdioticUlt1mara MENTOR I have sent you the 3 bucks and I am eager to see what you have to say about my channel
I went through a couple of your videos and I also looked at your channel.

What I can say is that the equalisation of ur videos that you are talking about and your voice needs a bit of work. In the "crazy girl shows off her toys" video your voice was about 50% higher than the video volume.

I do not enjoy FPS content myself but I know a HELL of a lot of people do so I cannot say much on that behalf.

Your voice is definitely something I could listen to, while say playing games and what not - don't know if it an engaging voice. That cannot be changed, I myself have a chillaxing voice so a lot of the people that watch me tend not to actually watch me.

Your thumbnails can be too "colourful" but that also depends on what kind of audience you want? If you want 14 year olds then its fine. If you want an older audience I would say go for something that is a little more "bland"

Hope this helps? What little information I can actually give from what I seen

As for experience. I have been on youtube for about 6/7 years I do not have a good following but my subs are very close to me and I talk to a lot of them on a daily basis.

Also as for are you just another leafy clone, one of your video titles, I wouldn't say so. I would say you come under that umberella but his voice is a lot more "childlike" whereas yours sounds like it is from an adult
@IdioticUlt1mara MENTOR Thanks so much for all the help I highly appreciate you taking the time to review my channel! I will try to make changes to the channel to further improve it with your helpful feedback