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The more you cut your video the better.

Hey kiddos, sit down I have to tell you a story.. about the quick cutting life.

You cut a lot only into the interesting parts of the videos, and people will pay attention more.

The end,
But hey, it's only a theory so it out yourselfWink tell me how it goes!

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That is good advice, man! XD
True enough, cut the boring part out. Learned that the hard way, xd.
THAT TITTLE WAS A CLICKBAIT ! I was like wtf hahaha.
I don't fully agree. It depense of the game I'd say.
Games like until dawn or life is strange would be messed up with too much editing Smile
@Madly Annoyed Fox Agreed, games that are story like based, like life is strange(noshit) are problematic to cut, because its story driven and every turn and action counts, if you cut it, you cut content and game story.
Well damn I thought we you were talking about self harm, I jumped the gun and got started before reading... Can any of you guys give me a lift to the emergency room?